Huawei Releases “5G Super Time-Frequency Folding”

Huawei released “5G super time-frequency folding”; Xiaomi Lei Jun showed “wireless charging desk”.

On May 10, Huawei and China Telecom held a joint innovation conference in Beijing, and officially released the key wireless technology of 5G deterministic network – “super time-frequency folding”.

Gan Bin, vice president of the wireless network product line of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., believes that the super time-frequency folding is another innovation of telecommunications and Huawei to provide gigabit capabilities to industry scenarios.

The joint laboratory verification shows that the super time-frequency folding can improve the uplink experience to more than 1Gbps, reduce the delay to less than 4ms, and improve the reliability to 6 9s, effectively supporting 5G into the core production link.

Through continuous innovation in the three stages of super uplink, super frequency fusion and super time-frequency folding, China Telecom and Huawei have achieved 5G standard and commercial leadership.

Zhang Xin, general manager of China Telecom’s 5G co-construction and sharing working group, introduced that super time-frequency folding folds TDD carriers, and simulates FDD full-time-slot uplink and downlink air interfaces through dual-carrier uplink and downlink time domain complementarity. Airspace three-domain coordination and cross-layer service scheduling finally achieve an end-to-end delay of less than 4ms, a delay reduction of more than 60%, and an equivalent uplink and downlink bandwidth of 100MHz, which is suitable for all classic 5G TDD frequency bands.

Today, Lei Jun shared and showed a wireless charging desk based on this fast charging board, which can be charged by placing mobile phones, headphones and other devices that support wireless charging on it.

Judging from the video, the production of this table is actually not complicated. First, dig out the slots according to the size of the fast charging board, and then put some fast charging boards in place. After the wiring is arranged, cover the decorative cover can.

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