How to choose an entry-level novice camera?

How to choose an entry-level novice camera? 2022 Camera Recommendation Guide!

How to choose an entry-level novice camera?

In fact, as long as you keep the following principles in mind, a student party with a limited budget, and then pay attention to your wallet, an entry-level camera is still a better choice.

Buying an entry-level camera may be one of the most Nikkei topics about camera purchases.

It is actually a lot of work to systematically understand the camera parameters, performance and other knowledge, especially for beginners, seeing these things, they will feel more dazzled and hesitant.

  • Four principles of camera purchase

1.Figure out what you want to shoot

Photography is not just as simple as pressing the shutter. There are also many sub-fields. Different fields have different requirements for equipment. It is impossible to have a “universal camera”, so you must do it according to your own needs. trade-offs.

Landscape: In order to facilitate the post-production output of landscape photography, high pixels are an object that needs to be considered. In the choice of lens, in order to highlight the expanse, a wide-angle is essential, or due to geographical constraints, the distant scenery can only be completed by a telephoto. Therefore, for landscape photography, wide-angle lenses and telephoto lenses are often necessary options, and because most of the landscapes are static, there is no need to pursue extremely high focusing performance.

Portrait: When shooting portraits, if you want to capture some vivid moments, then a reliable and fast focusing system is a helper for you to take good photos. In addition, in order to highlight the subject more, a large aperture is also essential.

Travel: The most important thing about the journey is the experience. The factors to be considered should be the size, weight, battery life, etc. Presumably you don’t want to carry 10 kg of equipment when you climb the mountain, or the camera runs out of power after playing for a while? Even with spare batteries, trust me, frequent battery changes on the go can take away from the joy of photography, and you may miss out on a great moment.

Sports-ecology: If you want to shoot moving things, a resolute and fast focusing system is essential, and if you want to get an instant picture, the continuous shooting performance should also be considered. The lens generally chooses a telephoto lens.

Humanities: Whether it’s shooting a decisive moment, or discovering the vividness of life, the main consideration is manipulation and focus. The former allows you to take pictures quickly, the latter will not make your photos become waste. There is also a saying that some small machines should be selected for humanistic shooting, so as not to disturb others. I don’t think it is necessary. It is good to shoot in a generous way, so that some pictures will not be discovered by those who shoot them. , looks a little rude.

2.The lens is more important than the body

70% of the quality of a photo is in the lens. A lens is mounted on a different body, even if the price of the body differs dozens of times, the final picture will hardly be much different. But the lens itself limits what you can capture and how well it can render. So, be sure to consider the lens when making a budget.

3.Brand is less important

In terms of basic camera functions, the mainstream brands on the market can be well satisfied. I have also complained before: Sony is good, Canon’s tolerance is really rubbish, you can follow along, but definitely don’t use this as your machine to buy The basis, really, with the ability of the vast majority of people, is not enough to compete with the level of equipment.

Of course, if it is for other reasons, such as showing off, or you are a local tyrant, then the brand is the first factor. But a very interesting thing is that, in addition to professional needs (such as high-pixel advertising, Phase One is indeed a good choice), the more famous or more expensive brands are often not so easy to use in actual use, such as Leica , it is really not good to use it for work).

4.Usability and ease of use are more important than parameters

When seeing parameters, be sure to pay attention to the applicable conditions of the parameters.

For example, a certain machine supports 4K video shooting, but it will overheat and shut down after more than ten minutes of shooting; another example is a machine that supports a continuous shooting speed of more than ten pictures per second, but due to poor writing performance, each time After shooting, you have to wait for writing. If there is a need for continuous shooting, you will undoubtedly miss some opportunities. This is availability.

Therefore, when viewing the camera parameters on the official website, be sure to pay attention to the content marked with * to see if there are any restrictions.

Whether it is easy to use or not determines your shooting desire. Photography is the same as other art categories. Only if you want to shoot and shoot more, you can get better and better.

  • Second, cost-effective entry camera recommendation

The first: Canon G7x

Canon G7x
Canon G7x
  1. Canon G7x can touch the screen, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and the vlog artifact is currently the most popular card machine used by most bloggers. The 180-degree flip screen can see your face very intuitively, whether it is video recording or vlog. It is very suitable.
  2. Slight beautification is not very heavy. Microdermabrasion is very natural, and some small parameters need to be adjusted (Tutorial: first open the menu, and then select the portrait mode in the photo style) Beauty parameters: adjust the sharpness (strong) to 2 file, fineness is adjusted to 1 file, critical value is adjusted to 1 file, contrast is adjusted to -4 file, saturation can be reduced by 1~2 files, and hue is 0 file (this is the best parameter for personal test and skin display) .
  3. Taking pictures is also very good-looking, especially portraits also have built-in flash. With Wifi function, you can directly transfer photos to the mobile phone, but you need to download the Canon app, you can also control the shooting with the mobile phone
  4. There is no chromatic aberration, and you can zoom in on the color you see when you see the color (high degree of reduction).

The second model: Ricoh GR3

Ricoh GR3
Ricoh GR3
  1. Ricoh GR3 has the strongest film texture in the card machine. There are many filters that can be used directly. The color processing is very good. The color shooting is very unique.
  2. With Wifi function, it can be directly connected to the mobile phone, the operation is simple and user-friendly (you can use the mobile phone to control the shooting when connected to Wifi)
  3. Easy to use, small in size and very light, can be operated with one hand, all function keys are on the right, the boot speed is fast, you can quickly capture, and the mode switching is convenient. It is recommended to have a hot tone, a blues filter style, and the color is particularly pure when shooting blue objects (recommended parameters: CT: 3600k B: 5, G: 0) black and white filter style
  4. High degree of customization, many different styles can be adjusted, built-in flash, which is very valuable!
  5. The fuselage looks good and has a matte texture

The third: gopro7 action camera

gopro 7
gopro 7
  1. The image is smooth
  2. There is no feeling of shaking hands at all, 10 meters swimming (waterproof)
  3. Video recording is also very good

The fourth: Canon 200D

Canon 200D
Canon 200D
  1. Humanized operation interface
  2. For those who have no concept of aperture shutter iso
  3. It will clearly tell you what the effect of tuning to the left and tuning to the right is.
  • Summarize

I hope that everyone who wants to buy a camera can buy a camera that suits them.

Don’t ask for the most expensive, just the most suitable.

More about how to choose camera please keep an eyes on

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